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The Dutch eat too little fiber

The Dutch eat too little fiber

Are you eating enough fiber? Research by the Maag Lever Darm Foundation shows that 90 percent of the Dutch do not get enough fiber.

The Dutch are insufficiently aware of the amount of fiber that they receive. From the research of the Stomach Liver Bowel Foundation shows that 68.2 percent of people think they eat enough fiber, while only 10 percent of the population actually gets enough. That's why The National Fiber Weeks start today †

During the National Fiber Weeks you can test in five minutes how your fiber consumption is † Everyone who completes the test online will receive tailored advice and tips how to eat more fiber rich food. Click here for the test>

More fiber
Fiber is important for your digestion; they make sure the bowels work properly. Women should get at least 30 grams of fiber per day , men at least 40 grams † Especially in bread contain a lot of fiber. Of course, not all breads contain the same amount of fiber. Whole wheat bread is higher in fiber than white bread.