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Too little vitamin D in the number of multivitamins for toddlers

Too little vitamin D in the number of multivitamins for toddlers

Most toddlers don't have a lot of fruit and vegetables, so there are many parents who give their child a multivitamin pill to prevent a shortage of important vitamins. However, not all brands of multivitamins meet all requirements.

Research by the Consumers' Association shows that there are a number of brands that contain too little vitamin D. For children up to 4 years it is important to take this vitamin correctly to prevent a very rare bone disease (rickets).

Vitamin D

The recommended daily amount of vitamin D for children up to the age of four is 10 micrograms. Almost half of the multivitamins for toddlers contain too little vitamin D. Some brands contain too much vitamin D.

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Too much vitamin A

There are also three brands that contain a much too high amount of vitamin A and folic acid, which is certainly not good for the health of a toddler, the Consumers' Association reports. It contains so much vitamin A that it exceeds the tolerable upper limit, as set by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

So much vitamin A can even cause poisoning and too much folic acid can ensure that a possible deficiency of vitamin B is not noticed.

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