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The Benefits of Magnesium Chloride.

The Benefits of Magnesium Chloride.

Tired? Constipated? Cold? Prone to skin problems, anxiety or stress?

Or do you have an earache?

Magnesium chloride is an effective, natural and economical remedy .

It will help you get in shape and fight against the little ailments of everyday life.

When I'm constipated, its laxative effect relieved me more than once.

During exams, a little cure for a week and I always feel ready to deal with stress waiting for me.

Since I discovered it, I always have a bag in advance at home!

You too, discover all the benefits of magnesium chloride on health:

The Benefits of Magnesium Chloride.

  • What are the health benefits?
  • Where to get it?
  • Usage and dosage
  • Final tips

What health benefits?

If its applications are so multiple, it is because magnesium chloride acts directly on our immune system.

In addition to treating your constipation, it is quite possible that it acts at the same time on your acne or your morning fatigue !

Well I would like to warn you, there is a little problem:its bitter and acrid taste. But I assure you, we get used to it very quickly as it does us good.

A little advice for the most refractory:keep your bottle in the fridge, the bitterness fades with the cold.

Otherwise, a small cocktail to trick your brain or that of your child is also possible.

For this, take ½ glass of magnesium chloride and ½ glass of fruit juice. The taste buds would almost want more!

Where to get it?

In pharmacies (without prescription), in health food stores in the form of 20 g sachets or here.

The trick to keeping it the longest is to pour 20g directly into a large 1 liter bottle of water.

As the dilution is homogeneous, you use identical quantities with each dose.

Use and dosage

The Benefits of Magnesium Chloride.

In prevention before the various winter ailments (flu, sore throat, cold, seasonal fatigue), drink half a glass morning and evening before meals for about ten days.

Is the disease declared (fever, sore throat)?

So drink half a glass every 4 hours on the first day, then one shot every six hours for the next 2 days.

I then advise you, for prevention and to fortify yourself, to take it morning and evening for a week.

If you are prone to kidney failure, hypertension, hemophilia or nephritis, magnesium chloride is not recommended.

Do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice!

Last tips

Remember to shake your bottle before serving you, because the salt, then invisible to the naked eye, tends to settle at the bottom.

If you observe a little diarrhea, it is normal. Reduce the doses a little until the laxative effects wear off.

This product is a dietary supplement and not a drug. If your problems persist, see a doctor.