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The Remedy To Naturally Relieve Sinusitis.

The Remedy To Naturally Relieve Sinusitis.

There are certain sinusitis which, although not chronic or too painful, come back too often.

Sinusitis is unpleasant, and we often seek a remedy to calm it without taking medical treatment.

Here is a very natural little trick, which you will let me know about!

Against my Sinusitis, I Use Thyme!

The Remedy To Naturally Relieve Sinusitis.

In the magic plants series, today I present to you my friend thyme . It has more than one trick up its sleeve and in our kitchens and, as you can see, in our medicine cabinet.

As often, I will advise you to prepare an infusion . It must be said that with all the little sores of our little noses, it really is the ideal remedy .

Prepare an infusion with a few branches of thyme in one liter of water. Take two warm inhalations a day, for 10 good minutes, under a tea towel.

Have you ever tried this little anti-sinusitis trick? What did you think of it? Comments are yours.