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Scientifically proven:it's never too late to quit smoking

Scientifically proven:it s never too late to quit smoking

When you stop smoking, the risk of diseases such as lung cancer decreases. Recent research shows that your lungs have a chance to recover after you stop smoking.

It's not too late

Recent research shows that cells damaged by tobacco can recover. In this way they are replaced by healthy cells. The research published in the journal Nature contains a few common statements by people who have given up smoking. The most heard argument for not stopping is “It's too late to stop now anyway”. But this new research shows it's never too late to quit!

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15,000 packs

There were people who had smoked as many as 15,000 packs of cigarettes before they stopped smoking. After a few years, their lungs were examined and what turned out? The cells in the airways showed no more damage from tobacco. For the study, the lungs of sixteen participants were examined. This included adults who have never smoked, ex-smokers and smokers.


Nine out of ten cells in smokers' lungs had mutations, which are mutations that can lead to cancer. What was remarkable was that many replacement cells could be seen in the lungs of the ex-smokers. Affected cells were replaced by new healthy cells.


The lung cells of the ex-smokers were four times healthier than the lung cells of the people who still smoke. How this process works exactly remains to be determined, but it turns out that somewhere in your body there is a stock of healthy cells that can replace diseased cells.