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3x reduction with your smartphone

3x reduction with your smartphone

Handy, those smartphones and all that other smart technology. But let's not get too carried away. More and more people want to reduce their screen time. Here are three tips on how to do that with your smartphone.

Did you know that the average Dutch person spends 61 hours on their smartphone every month. In 2016, that average was still 40 hours per month. So that could be a little less.

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With these tips you can drastically reduce the use of your phone.

Grey scale mode

It seems to work well to set your settings to black and white - the so-called 'greyscale mode' - because then you would receive less incentives.


Batch your time:commit to fully focusing on your task for two hours and not look at your phone during that time.


Enable an app that tracks how often you're on your screen. Make it a challenge:I now have four hours of screen time a day, I want to reduce that to three hours.