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The 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Walnuts.

The 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Walnuts.

The simplest foods are often the healthiest.

This is the case for all nuts…

…but especially that of the best known:I named the nut.

It's amazing, all these healthy nutrients with proven benefits that Mother Nature has managed to put in one small shell !

In fact, nuts are loaded with health-promoting nutrients.

Nuts contain (be careful, the list is long):proteins, fatty acids good for health, fibers, plant sterols, antioxidants, and also vitamins and minerals in abundance.

All scientific studies show it:the queen of all nuts is the walnut.

The 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Walnuts.

Indeed, scientific research has shown that the nut, the fruit of the walnut tree, improves the health of those who eat it.

In homeopathic doses, walnuts act as a natural "medicine" with multiple benefits.

And no need to eat 1 kg a day! Only 30 g of walnut kernels per day are enough to enjoy its benefits.

It's like eating only 7 nuts a day !

7 reasons why you should eat nuts

Walnuts are the fruit of the common walnut tree. They belong to the family of trees that produce nuts.

This includes, but is not limited to:hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, pine nuts, pecans, Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts.

Know that each nut has its own nutritional value. See the table at the end of the article.

For example, 30 g of walnuts provide 100% of your daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

It's the equivalent of 7 shelled walnuts, and it's also a significant source of copper, manganese sulphate and vitamin B8 .

The many benefits of nuts have been proven time and time again by science. Here are the 7 most surprising benefits of nuts:

The 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Walnuts.

1. Walnuts lower the risk of cancer

Walnuts not only reduce the risk of prostate cancer, but also breast cancer.

In this study from the University of California, Davis, researchers tested the effects of walnuts on mice, giving them the equivalent of 30 g of walnuts for a human.

Researchers have shown that walnuts reduce the size of prostate tumors in mice.

Indeed, a diet rich in nuts slows the growth of prostate cancer by 30 to 40%.

In a second study, researchers from the University of Marshall looked at the risk of breast cancer.

According to the study, a consumption of nuts equivalent to 56 g per day reduces the risk of breast cancer by 50%.

Researchers have found that a handful of nuts a day is enough to reduce the number and size of breast tumors by 50%.

2. They improve heart health

Walnuts are rich in L-arginine, an amino acid with many benefits for people who suffer from or are at risk of cardiovascular disease.

On the other hand, if you are trying to get rid of herpes, avoid eating nuts, or eat little. Indeed, too much L-arginine can reduce levels of the amino acid lysine, which can cause herpes outbreaks.

Walnuts also contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an essential omega-3 fatty acid.

ALA is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps prevent blood clots from forming.

According to another study, those who eat foods rich in ALA are 50% less likely to have a heart attack.

But that's not all. A study has proven that eating just 4 nuts a day significantly increases your ALA levels. And regular consumption of nuts also regulates cholesterol levels.

Another study proved that eating 30 g of nuts a day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

And according to this study, consuming more nuts significantly reduces the risk of death in people at high risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Walnuts slow down aging

The 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Walnuts.

The nut is particularly rich in antioxidants. Know that antioxidants are essential for your good health, as they play an important role in fighting aging .

These compounds reduce the damage caused by free radicals, which are the cause of aging.

In addition, the antioxidants in nuts are particularly powerful and are only present in very few foods.

"Remarkable":this is how researchers define the neutralizing effect of walnut antioxidants on free radicals.

In addition, this study demonstrated that the polyphenols found in walnuts prevent the onset of chemical liver damage.

This study demonstrated the powerful antioxidant benefits of tree nuts, especially those of walnuts.

Of all the nuts tested by this study, the polyphenols found in walnuts are the best in terms of effectiveness, and this with the greatest antioxidant activity.

Here is the conclusion of the researchers:"Walnuts have a high content of polyphenols, which possess a high antioxidant power by binding to lipoproteins responsible for atherosclerosis in vivo.

"In humans, studies show that walnuts improve blood levels of lipids, such as cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides. They also improve endothelial function and reduce inflammation, without any intake weight ."

4. They make you lose weight

Yes, nuts do not make you gain weight!

On the contrary, they can even help you lose weight and regain an ideal weight.

Indeed, this study found that people who eat nuts regularly, or who replace certain foods with nuts, lose about 1 kg and more than 1 cm in waist circumference.

Finally, know that by eating nuts, your feeling of satiety increases in just 3 days. As a result, you snack less and it's easier to control your weight.

5. They improve male fertility

This is certainly one of the lesser known benefits of nuts!

Yes, nuts significantly improve male fertility.

By adding 75 g of nuts per day to your men's diet, these researchers from the University of Delaware found an improvement in sperm quality, in terms of vitality, mobility and morphology.

Incredible, isn't it? When we tell you that nuts are good for everyone!

6. Walnut kernels stimulate the brain

The 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Walnuts.

Walnuts contain many neuroprotective compounds, including vitamin E, vitamin B9 , melatonin, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

Scientific studies indicate that eating nuts is beneficial for brain health, especially for increasing reasoning skills in young adults.

According to this study, eating antioxidant-rich foods, including nuts, reduces degeneration caused by the oxidative stress of aging.

It also increases the average lifespan of the brain and improves cognitive and motor functions during aging.

7. Nuts help regulate diabetes

Thanks to their high content of health-promoting fatty acids, walnuts have been known to improve metabolic parameters in people with type 2 diabetes.

A study on people with type 2 diabetes and who are overweight showed that eating 30 g of nuts a day significantly reduced insulin levels, and this after only 3 months .

Why should you also eat the skins of walnuts?

The walnut kernels are surrounded by a fine ocher and slightly bitter film.

It is to get rid of this bitterness that some people remove this film by soaking the nuts in boiling water.

But don't take it off! In fact, researchers have calculated that it is in this skin that 90% of the antioxidants in nuts are found.

This thin layer is therefore the most beneficial part to your health!

To increase the benefits of nuts on your health, it is advisable to consume only organic, raw and non-irradiated nuts.

Click here to learn more about food irradiation.

How to store walnuts?

The 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Walnuts.

Few people know that nuts are a delicate fruit, if they are not dried. They can easily perish and thus lose the benefits of their precious amino acids.

If you buy your walnut kernels in bulk, avoid nuts that aren't meaty, smell rancid, or whose quality you can't verify.

How nuts are stored depends on their degree of ripeness.

For the fresh nuts , put them in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator and consume them quickly (within 24 to 48 hours) so that they retain all their flavor.

For the dry nuts , it's the opposite. Do not store them in the fridge, otherwise they will lose all their good taste!

You can improve the quality of nuts by soaking them in water overnight. This will eliminate inhibitor enzymes and phytic acid.

After soaking them, dry them at low temperature (between 40 and 45°C) until they regain their delicious crunchy texture.

How to taste walnuts?

The 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Walnuts.

Crunchy, buttery and with a hint of bitterness, walnuts are delicious to eat as they are.

It goes perfectly with the strongest cheeses, such as Roquefort, or the mildest, such as fresh goat cheese.

In baking, it can be wrapped in marzipan, honey, caramel, or used to decorate cakes.

Even if you don't like the taste of nuts, you can still enjoy their therapeutic benefits.

Just add it to the blender when making your vitamin smoothie.

Nuts aren't the only tree nuts that have health benefits. Do not hesitate to test the others to also benefit from their benefits.

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