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Quit Smoking Day

Quit Smoking Day

Need a push? Wednesday 28 March there will be a Stop smoking day in the Expo Zuidas in Amsterdam.

The purpose of this day is to provide information about the consequences of smoking in collaboration with Stivoro (the expertise center for tobacco prevention). Visitors can, among other things, do a breathalyzer that measures the amount of carbon monoxide in the lungs. Plastinates from both healthy and smoker's lungs are also shown.

Exhibition:Body Worlds &The Story of the Heart
The Stop Smoking Day is part of the exhibition Body Worlds &The Story of the Heart, which can be seen until April 22. This exhibition offers visitors insights into the human body, into health and disease, with an emphasis on cardiology and the heart.

Since the start of the exhibition, cleaners regularly find full packs of cigarettes near the display cases in which smokers' lungs are displayed. Apparently, several visitors decided to stop after being confronted with a smoker's black lung, which is shown next to a non-smoker's lung.

Healthier life
Research among visitors shows that 68% decided to start living healthier after seeing the exhibition. 9% of the visitors indicated that they had stopped or reduced their smoking and drinking alcohol, 33% indicated that they followed a healthier diet and 25% had started exercising more.