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This way of eating is the new diet:intuitive eating

This way of eating is the new diet:intuitive eating

Are you completely done with dieting, but would you like to continue to eat healthier? Intuitive eating should be the way to control your cravings.

Are you also tired of dieting? Then we have good news for you! There is a way of looking at food – no, not a diet – that not only helps you eat better, but also ensures that you feel better about yourself.

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Difficult to sustain

A strict diet is often not only very restrictive, but also difficult to maintain. We are only concerned with what we can't eat instead of what we can eat. They often have an effect for a moment, but as soon as you stop, you quickly fall back into your old pattern and the effect of dieting quickly diminishes. That must of course be different. Enter 'intuitive eating'.

What does intuitive eating mean?

With intuitive eating, you don't have strict rules about what you can and cannot eat and how much you can eat. In fact, according to this principle, you can give in to your natural urge to eat what you feel like and when you feel like it. In other words:you follow your intuition instead of a dietary guideline.

Release all brakes?

Of course that sounds a bit crazy at first, because it seems as if we are releasing all the brakes. That is certainly not the case! Research shows that this way of eating has advantages over other 'diets'. This way you no longer feel limited by what you can and cannot eat (because these restrictions are often unsustainable in the longer term) and you are also less likely to suffer from a feeling of guilt if you have not adhered to the diet. After all, you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

Regulating yourself

The big question is, of course, 'Can we trust ourselves in that?' Fortunately, the answer is 'yes!'. We all have an innate instinct to regulate our food intake. Even toddlers do it:When they are full, they stop eating. In addition, your body is the best advisor in this, because it indicates when it is enough. Afraid that you will now only eat unhealthy? Think again :because your body needs variety, you will not only have an appetite for fast food, but you will naturally look for a natural balance. Sounds good, right?

So maybe we should listen a little better to ourselves and our bodies, because if it's good we can feel very well for ourselves what we need and what we feel good about. That it is sometimes less healthy than other times, that should be possible, right?