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Some Tips to Quit Smoking.

Some Tips to Quit Smoking.

Tomorrow I quit! What smoker has never uttered this sentence? It's not easy to quit smoking but not impossible with our smart tips.

Smoking is often linked to a matter of cravings, state of mind and activity. There is certainly an addiction that is created over time, but you should know that the moment when you think about smoking, when you want to smoke only lasts 5 minutes. If you do something else, this feeling passes very quickly.

How to Avoid Smoking?

You must obviously refuse any offer to smoke, resist once, twice then it will be easier and easier.

If you stop in stages , count your cigarettes per day and decrease each day. Make a plan with goals is a good way.

If you want to quit completely , you have to get rid of everything that would make you want to smoke, smells on clothes and other, ashtrays, and do a lot of sports, fun activities, which will occupy your mind. We generally smoke much less when we are at work, because the concentration is elsewhere.

Finally to dispel temptations, better not to drink coffee or coca-cola.

To Replace the Cigarette, Here are some tips:

As already said before, keeping physically and mentally occupied will help you a lot.

Then it is known that the dependence is partly at the level of the gesture, so keep your hands busy with something else.

As soon as you feel like it, get into the habit of having an alternative , like chewing gum, or drinking water or tea, eating fruit, whatever you prefer.

Quitting smoking is above all a question of willpower . The addiction is strong but it goes away very quickly. You have to play sports to compensate and otherwise have fun, the hardest part is the first few times, after that you won't even know why you were smoking!

Have you ever tried to quit smoking? Did you get there? Tell us your tips and ideas in the comments.

Some Tips to Quit Smoking.

Savings Achieved

Cigarettes represent one of the most important budgets, we spend a fortune for these small pleasures which are not in reality. Health is at stake and in addition, a large part of the savings goes to it.

By stopping, or at least decreasing, you will see your savings grow much more and with them, you will be able to treat yourself to a real pleasure, such as a trip.

The government intends to increase the price of cigarettes again from November. The cheapest will therefore be at 6 €. So it's time to think about quitting!