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Shopping is good for you

Shopping is good for you

Shopping as medicine for physical complaints? A higher life expectancy by walking your daily shopping route through the store? Taiwanese researchers say it, and we are happy to confirm it.

A walk through the city with a friend, but also the walk through the supermarket can help significantly increase your lifespan † The researchers from Taiwan even claim that a daily walk can make doctor visits unnecessary.

Good shopping keeps people moving. It is also good for social contacts , think of having a chat with the saleswoman.

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In addition, people have fun when they go shopping and can decide for themselves when they feel like going into town † In many other forms of leisure Like sports, there is a fixed time for it and that quickly makes it an obligation. In addition, you can stock up on fresh products if you walk to the supermarket every day, so it's extra healthy

Healthy use of time
Still, the researchers argue that the findings should not be taken too seriously. Shopping in itself does not increase life expectancy, it is mainly the physical, mental and social components , which make shopping a healthy pastime.