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Consult the internet about hospital information

When it comes to hospital treatment, good information is extremely important. Of course you will be informed by the hospital about the treatment, but what is the opinion of the quality of the hospital?

From research by Health Tracker it turned out that Dutch people are very critical when it comes to hospitals. Before someone is treated at a hospital, consults 71 percent of the Dutch the worldwide web to find information about the hospital and its treatments † Furthermore, the opinion of the GP (59 percent), friends and family (43 percent), the insurer (29 percent) and other news sites focused on health (20 percent) are very important.

In addition, more than half are also very curious about the opinion of other patients and the medical staff of the hospital concerned. The Dutchman likes to be well informed before receiving treatment somewhere.

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Social Media
Online platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are nowadays indispensable, but exchanging information about hospitals is only getting underway via social media † Only two in five Dutch people consult social media for the opinions and experiences of other patients. However, 31 percent do plan to place information about a hospital on the internet in the future .