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Brewer's yeast for the skin.

Brewer s yeast for the skin.

Brewer's yeast is a great beauty stuff for the skin, the hair and even fingernails. To be taken daily to be beautiful.

You have already tried creams, treatments and hammam sessions to take care of yourself.

Why not try brewer's yeast ? A new way to solve all your skin problems , hair and nails .

What does brewer's yeast do?

Instead of spreading the surface of your skin with creams of all kinds, how about taking care of you in depth ?

Thanks to brewer's yeast, your hair become stronger and more shiny , they fall less and grow faster. Your nails visibly harden:no more splitting, you can grow them without them breaking at the slightest shock. And your skin ? It becomes more sharp , if it is acne-prone, and more smooth . Brewer's yeast also acts against digestion problems and it is therefore a very good food supplement .

How to consume brewer's yeast?

You can find it in the form of capsules , caps or tablets , and even in powder . It tastes bitter which does not feel too much if you take tablets to swallow with water. You usually have to take a lot per day :between 6 and9 as indicated on the box. As a cure of two or three months , you will get satisfactory results. .

Where can I find brewer's yeast?

You can simply find it in supermarkets , usually in the diet aisle, or even in pharmacy .

Savings Achieved

It takes between 5 and 10 euros for a box of capsules or tablets. It's a small amount with big effects. If a box contains 500 tablets, it will serve you for a long time.

Finally, it is much cheaper than all the products put together that you could spend on your skin , your hair and your nails , not to mention the ones you could use to aid digestion .

Brewer's yeast is therefore a good alternative to test at least once to see the effects , and why not adopt it definitely.