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70 percent of the supermarket range consists of processed foods

70 percent of the supermarket range consists of processed foods

If you try to eat as naturally as possible, you can skip a large part of the supermarket.

When shopping, take the outer paths. You will usually find the fresh products there. Here you will find 19 other smart shopping tips.

Foodwatch conducted research into how processed products in the supermarket are. More than two thirds of the products are ultra-processed. The definition given by a professor:'Foods that are extremely tasty and even addictive or quasi-addictive tasty, but usually have a limited nutritional value with a relatively high energy density. They lack essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and are also low in fibre.'

Processed products are often cheaper. They are produced on an assembly line and often contain raw materials that are cheap, such as sugar. The margins on these products are also attractive to supermarkets, so they also have some interest in selling processed products.

And that while more and more people are overweight. Time for a healthier food policy by the government? Foodwatch thinks so and has set up an e-mail campaign. Read more about the research and the campaign on the Foodwatch website.