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The Dutch opt for a conscious Christmas dinner

The Dutch opt for a conscious Christmas dinner

Good thing. About one in three Dutch people take the animal welfare quality mark into account when purchasing for Christmas dinner.

This is apparent from a survey by Maurice de Hond among 1500 respondents commissioned by the Covenant on Market Development for the Sustainability of Animal Products.

Little information
Almost half (44 percent) of the Dutch feel that they have insufficient information to make a good choice for more animal-friendly meat, chicken or eggs † It also appears that women take more account of animal welfare in their purchases than men. The reason? More than a quarter of the respondents say they 'feel better' with the animal-friendly products and 12 percent buy the food because of 'a better taste'

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Crisis not affecting
Even the economically difficult times seem to have no influence on the sale of products with an animal label † In the first half of 2011, consumers bought 114 million euros worth of animal-friendly products, an increase of 56 percent compared to 2010 (

In fact, 84 percent of the Dutch have a intention to buy more animal-friendly meat products in 2012 † For eggs, this applies to 87 percent of the Dutch.