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Supermarket with products without packaging

Supermarket with products without packaging

At the Berlin supermarket Original Unverpackt you can buy all products without packaging.

Good preparation is half the battle
Paste, liquorice, drink, all-purpose cleaner… You drain exactly as much as you need. Before you go shopping, you have to make a good list; for every product you need, you have to bring your own jar or bottle.

Originated out of frustration The idea for the supermarket arose 1.5 years ago when Milene (24) and Sara (31) were annoyed by the amount of plastic that was left after a dinner. That had to be done differently.

How are the prices?
All products at Original Unverpackt are organic. And the prices? You can buy pasta from just over a euro per kilo. Half a liter of yogurt costs €1.59. According to a customer, you save money in this supermarket because you are not tempted by loud packaging.

Would you do your shopping at a supermarket with products without packaging?