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The five-second rule

The five-second rule

You know, you drop a candy, pick it up and put it in your mouth. Well, the 'rule' says that lying on the floor for just under five seconds would not be contaminated with bacteria. Is that really the case?

According to the latest research, the five-second rule really does hold. However, the type of food and the surface it falls on must be taken into account.

Does your food fall on a carpet? Then it takes longer for bacteria to settle on your food. In addition, moist and juicy products also best fall within the five-second rule.

The researchers dropped various products, such as candies, pasta and cookies, on various surfaces. They left the products for three to thirty seconds.

After five seconds…
There were hardly any bacteria on most products. Lies on the floor for more than five seconds? Then the risk of infection increases quickly. | Image:Shutterstock