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How do you prevent a hangover?

How do you prevent a hangover?

A glass of water when you get home, a greasy bite after a party or two paracetamol before going to sleep – what's the best way to prevent a hangover?

Nausea, headache and extremely thirsty – yes, you have a hangover † Everyone has their own means to get rid of it, but as the saying goes:better avoid then heal. How? Like:

– The very first and best tip:use common sense † So limit your alcohol consumption. The more you drink, the more your body struggles to process and neutralize the alcohol.

– Tip two:start the evening with some glasses of water † Your body needs a lot of water to process all that alcohol. So give your body a helping hand and give it a good supply of water.

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– Number three:enjoy the feast. A good soil laying is very important. But it is also wise not only to consume alcohol while eating, but to alternate it with – there it is again – water.

– The last, well-known tip that should certainly not be forgotten:do not mix † Not really. At the beginning of the evening, opt for one type of drink (so:either beer, or wine or champagne – not all mixed up) and stick with it. Cheers!

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