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The power of sage

The power of sage

An Arabic proverb goes:'How can a person who grows sage in his garden still die?' Sage is a herb for real 'saviours', says the Santé herbal professional.

Sage can be recognized by the beautiful grey-green leaves. The flowers are bright purple and turn to lilac. They belong to the lip flower family, which refers to the theme of communication. A pot of sage on the windowsill, on the balcony or in the herb garden is actually a must, because sage is a versatile plant. It can be used as a kitchen, medicinal and beauty herb. Sage likes a dry, sunny spot and after several years of service she will need a little lime. Every year I put shells, brought from vacation, at her feet, but egg cups are also possible. Only the tops of the sage plant are used. Preferably before flowering, because then the leaves contain the most ingredients.

Sage people

For whom? Sage people are wonderful people when you are in need. They don't ask you anything, but grab some soapy water to clean, take you for a walk or have a cup of comfort and chat about daily worries. It's not that they feel powerless to ask what's going on or talk about deeper issues; that's just not necessary! The natural action of sage people is a relief and a comfort. Does a sage man have to change? No, I would like to answer that wholeheartedly. But a yes sounds when they become exhausted, because then their actions have become a duty. When that happens, people who, for example, have a burnout experience the help of the sage man as a burden. While a sage woman who is in balance, senses when her presence has been enough.

The power of sage The power of sage

Sore throat

Another shortcoming of sage people is that they often do not realize when they are being abused. What does sage do? Complaints that a sage person can encounter are canker sores, strep throat and sometimes sinus infections. Tea or tincture of the herb can then be beneficial. If a sage woman can't talk, she gets a kind of clamp on her throat. A feeling of pressure in the throat or frequent clearing of the throat is a sign for the sage woman to see who will not accept her chatter and help. Then it is important to distance yourself for a while. A tight feeling in the throat can also occur when the hormone balance is out of balance, which can be noticed by difficulties conceiving, a difficult period or hot flashes. Sage works sweat-inhibiting and astringent on the skin, and can therefore also be used in a deodorant.

Did you know that you can also clean your house by burning sage?

How to use sage Tea:Make a tablespoon of dried sage or 3 to 4 fresh leaves. Pour in a liter of boiling water, let it steep for 10 minutes and remove the sage again. Essential oil:One drop on the pillow for nighttime hot flashes. Tincture:Use on the advice of a herbal or naturopathic doctor. Deodorant:Place 20 sage leaves in a bowl and add 100 ml of boiling water. Let steep for 10 minutes. Strain it, pour it into a bottle and use it as a deodorant.

Salvia officinalis is the Latin name of the sage plant. And there is also white sage, such as this .

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