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More donor registrations done

More people have registered as donors. In addition, more people have also indicated that they explicitly do not give permission for organ donation.

The figures according to CBS
The number of people who do not want to donate organs has risen to 1.71 million. That is 152,000 people more than at the beginning of last year. The number of people willing to donate has increased by 36,000 to 3.6 million.

Law change
In September last year, an amendment to the law was passed in the House of Representatives whereby everyone over the age of 18 is asked whether they want to become a donor. If there is no response after two messages, it is assumed that he or she has no objection. The law is not yet in force, because it still has to be approved by the Senate.

Still, it seems that the law has already had an impact, as more people signed up in the months that followed. Also to indicate that they do not want to donate. A good thing, because a no registration ensures transparency and clarity.

Have you already passed on your choice?
It is not known whether or not they want to become donors for about 9 million people. Do you want to pass on your choice? This can be done via the donor register.