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Make yourself happy with a new bag or wallet

Make yourself happy with a new bag or wallet

It is often pointed out that things and the material world should not touch you. After all, you decide for yourself what has value and that way you should also be able to feel good without stuff.

Golden mean

We share the view that mental and especially physical well-being are very important and that they should not be dependent on having a nice car. Yet we must confess that we cannot always think that way. Sometimes you just want something and feel a lot happier the moment it's in your possession. It is mainly about finding a happy medium.

It is clearly not good for you if you focus too much on material possessions. If you let your happiness depend all the time on the things you do or don't have, then you are not doing good self-care. That is mainly about getting value out of yourself and being satisfied with the situation as it is. Change does exist and it's good to work on yourself, but at some point you have to realize that not everything can be adjusted. That is human and you start worrying too much if you don't realize it.

Stuff that makes you feel good

But that doesn't mean you can't buy something every now and then that makes you very happy. It is mainly about having the right focus and not being too focused on these kinds of external factors. If you're not careful you can get lost in it. For example, it is sometimes necessary to buy a nice, new wallet or card holder.

You will also sometimes need a bag. Then you may think that you can walk down the street with a burlap bag, because stuff doesn't matter, but that doesn't make you happy. That's what it's all about in the end and that's why it's better to buy a castelijn and beerens backpack, for example. If such a bag makes you feel better and happier, then you should buy it. But beware of getting too obsessed with stuff. Especially if it is going to control your life and your peace of mind.

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