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Tjitske tries again to quit smoking:'It doesn't suit me and yet I do it'

Actress Tjitske Reidinga is participating in Stoptober that will start soon. She's stopped a few times, but once again she's gone. "At a certain point you think it's too late, it won't work."

Yet she will try again during Stoptober, just like other celebrities such as Estelle Cruijff, Rick Brandsteder, Jörgen Raymann and First Dates bartender Victor.

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Stoptober is 28 days of smoking cessation. Research has shown that 28 days is just long enough to experience the positive effects of quitting smoking. Most withdrawal symptoms will be over by then.

'Moment to myself'

Reidinga:“It's not a social thing for me, but a moment for myself. No one around me smokes, so it's not exactly cozy either. I've had very busy years and associate it with a moment of rest. Instead of a nice cup of star mix, I grab a cup of coffee and a cigarette.”

'Fuck asshole'

Yet she finds that smoking also ruins her moments. “I am really embarrassed that I still smoke at my age. It honestly ruins my moments too. I just think oh how sad, stop it now. It makes me restless and makes me feel guilty. Why am I doing this to myself?”

Hopefully she, the other ambassadors and everyone who wants to quit smoking during Stoptober finally succeeds!