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Quit Smoking Tip Nobody Knows.

Quit Smoking Tip Nobody Knows.

Decided to quit smoking?

It's a good resolution, but it's not easy to keep.

To help you quit smoking, here is an effective method.

The trick is to go to the sauna 3 days in a row.

This will allow you to sweat out the nicotine and it will then be easier to quit.

Quit Smoking Tip Nobody Knows.

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How to

1. Go to the sauna closest to you.

2. To prepare the body, it is essential to start the session with a hot shower.

3. The first passage in the sauna lasts between 8 and 15 min. But for beginners, it is better not to exceed 5 min.

4. After this first pass, take a cold shower to rinse off.

5. Rest for at least 15 min to recover.

6. Then repeat the process:sauna for 10 min, shower, and drying.

Your body will then decide if a 3rd pass is reasonable or not.

7. Return to the sauna the next day and the day after following the same method.


There you go, you've sweated the nicotine out of your body.

This will help you in your fight to quit smoking :-)

And to help you really quit, we recommend this book that millions of readers have read to help them with their nicotine withdrawal.