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Lose weight, don't move

Lose weight, don t move

The Dutch would like to lose a few kilos, but preferably without moving.

'Watch your food and exercise more' seems to be the slogan of every diet guru † Most dropouts are willing to follow the first advice, but that move more turns out to be a bigger task.

Sports? No thanks
A study by TNS NIPO shows that two-thirds of Dutch people want to lose a few kilos, but are not willing to exercise more † Remarkable:Dutch people who want to lose weight get an average of 6 hours a week a lot less exercise than people who want to keep the same weight (more than 8 hours) and people who want to gain weight (10 hours).

Moreover, it appears that Dutch people who want to lose weight use the car more often for their daily activities and walk less often † Moreover, almost a quarter of people who want to lose weight indicate that they do not exercise and that they do not want to.

It is also difficult to stop snacking… >

Yet it turns out that in the Netherlands we are not even doing so badly † Compared to other European countries, it appears that the Dutch exercise the most. Our counter is on an average of 7 hours a week , while in Great Britain and Spain it is 5.5 hours and in France and Germany only 4 hours.

You can guess it, especially with the many cycling to make. For example, 52 percent use the bicycle for daily activities and walks 29 percent almost everywhere. We're doing pretty well after all!