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Dutch people want to eat healthier

Half of the Dutch people want to eat healthier and preferably also sustainably. This is apparent from the online survey 'Nutrition in 2020, healthy and sustainable food' by the Nutrition Center conducted by research agency GfK.

The survey was conducted in October 2010 among 1,538 Dutch people aged 18 and older. A third of the respondents indicated that they have too little self-control , which means that they do not (yet) eat healthy enough. Another reason is that healthy food is considered too expensive (23 percent). Of the respondents, even 20 percent indicated that they were tempted in the supermarket to buy unhealthy food.

Overweight children
A large majority of the respondents indicated that they are in favor of a number of environmental measures to reduce excess weight. Especially in the vicinity of children can be improved a lot. For example, the majority of those surveyed want children to be taught about healthy eating , that in nurseries only healthy food handed out and that school canteens offer only healthy food.

Sustainable food
Half of the Dutch also want more sustainable food † 17 percent indicate that they already eat sustainably and pay attention to aspects such as animal welfare, the environment or fair trade † More than half of the people who want to eat more sustainably indicate that they think sustainable food is too expensive…