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Tea and coffee good for the heart

Caffeine has long been known to be bad for the heart. But the UMC Utrecht now publishes the results of a study among 37,000 Dutch people, which shows that coffee and tea lower the risk of coronary artery disease.

It is striking that people who drink one to four cups of coffee a day have a twenty percent less chance of coronary artery disease than people who drank more or less. Tea works even better. If you drink several cups of it a day, it even lowers the chance by a third.

It is not yet clear what the exact function is. But the antioxidants that coffee and carry tea have a positive effect on the coronary artery. The Dutch were followed for thirteen years, during which time 1387 people developed coronary artery disease, of which 123 died. In addition, 563 people suffered a stroke, of which 70 died.