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Afternoon nap good for the heart

Afternoon nap good for the heart

Closing your eyes for an hour in the afternoon is not only positive for your rest, it is also good for the heart and can protect against high blood pressure. This is according to research from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania.

85 healthy students took part in the study. The students were divided into two groups; one group had to take a stress test and then went to sleep. The other group also had to take the same test, but was then allowed to not go to sleep

45 minutes
The blood pressure of the subjects in the group who had slept for at least 45 minutes , was found to be much lower than the blood pressure of the people who had not slept. So a 45-minute afternoon nap helps lower people's blood pressure especially after a stressful event.

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Less sleep
The researchers also indicated that on average people sleep about two hours less per night than fifty years ago. A negative development that could have long-term health consequences. A lack of sleep increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease