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High heels bad for back and brain

High heels bad for back and brain

Wearing high footwear can – in addition to the feet – also be bad for the back and brain, according to British research.

The research shows that two-thirds of women (65 percent) spend about 40 hours a week in high heels wears. A third of them then walk around in heels of at least 10 centimeters.

The researchers warn that not only the feet suffer under the high footwear, but also the back has a hard time. For example, the doctors report that wearing high pumps disrupts the natural line of the spine, causing nerves to clamp can touch.

But the bad heels news doesn't stop there. Also the brain should spare it. The blood vessels can get stuck. As a result, the brain would not be sufficiently nourished, causing headaches can arise and the functioning of the brain can decrease.