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When the Chinese rush to a traditional remedy to fight the coronavirus!

Scientists in China have reported that "Shuanghuanglian" may be shown to inhibit the coronavirus. The population therefore rushed to the points of sale. While this traditional Chinese remedy seems to be unable to do anything against the virus, it is obviously a question of sending a cultural message to the world.

A miracle cure

Shuanghuanglian (双黄连) is a kind of medicinal liquid composed in particular of honeysuckle. It is a remedy from traditional Chinese medicine. However, this product has become untraceable since the Chinese Academy of Sciences made an incredible statement :the remedy in question can inhibit the coronavirus! After that, citizens rushed to the shops as shown in the video published by the daily The Paper , based in Shanghai. In addition, researchers from this same academy are also interested in another plant:Japanese knotweed (Reynoutria japonica) .

It turns out that Beijing wants to integrate traditional Chinese medicine in the fight against the coronavirus. It should be recalled in passing that thousands of people have been sent in support to health establishments in Hubei. However, many of them are experts in traditional Chinese medicine.

When the Chinese rush to a traditional remedy to fight the coronavirus!

Xi Jinping's message

After these statements, skepticism was widely felt on social networks and even in some media. As Le Temps explains in an article published on February 2, 2020, the official press organ of the communist party itself – The People's Daily – intervened. This media has warned the public on the use of traditional remedies without medical advice. On the networks, many Chinese have joked about the subject.

While traditional Chinese medicine does not always have a very good reputation, the issue seems elsewhere. In any case, this is the opinion of Fang Shimin, a local writer known for regularly denouncing scientific scams. You should know that Chinese President Xi Jinping is a fervent defender of traditional medicine, which he considers at the same level as modern medicine. Through the coronavirus epidemic, China is therefore trying to send its nationalist but above all cultural message.

Recall that, since 2019, traditional Chinese medicine appears in the International Classification of Diseases . The World Health Organization (WHO) therefore gave in to years of pressure from China, which is not to the liking of the Scientific Council of European Academies of Sciences (EASAC). The disagreement is mainly at the level of the lack of scientific proof of the effectiveness of this kind of medicine.


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