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This anti-pollution mask is 50 times more effective than the others!

At the last CES 2020, a company presented a super effective anti-pollution mask. Indeed, it is much more efficient than the usual masks. Admittedly, its price is logically high, but it is a question of optimal protection.

A mask that stands out

The problem generated by air pollution is clearly at the level of fine particles, whose size (in micrometers) is very variable:PM10, PM5, PM2, 5 and PM1 . There are various kinds of anti-pollution masks, ranging from simple disposable masks made of fabric or paper to those with a refillable cartridge. However, if most masks filter PM10 and PM5, few of them block PM2.5 and even less PM1 which are moreover the most toxic.

As Engadget explains in an article published on January 6, 2020, the company Aō Air is behind a mask that is up to fifty times more efficient than current masks! This was presented at the last CES which took place recently in Las Vegas (United States).

This anti-pollution mask is 50 times more effective than the others!

Freedom in breathing

Baptized Atmōs, the mask in question has small fans. These able to create a pocket of clean air at high pressure. In other words, the user does not have this feeling of light suffocation linked to the proximity of the mask to the mouth and nose. As the available images show, the Atmōs mask is unlike any other. On the other hand, with its 256 grams on the scale , it is not really light and happens to be a tad bulky.

According to Mikal Peveto, representing the brand in the United States, the mask was however designed for everyday use. The interested party did not hesitate to mention the major Asian cities where air quality is often lacking. In China in particular, anti-pollution masks have become popular to the point of being fashion accessories today. Moreover, the man is aware that the device can be improved and declared to be open to criticism.

Finally, such optimal protection also affects the wallet. Indeed, the Atmōs mask is already available for pre-order at a price of 350 euros.

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