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This is the best way to quit smoking

This is the best way to quit smoking

Stoptober is the ideal moment for many smokers to stop smoking, but according to scientists there is a new way to really avoid those cigarettes.

You probably know those confrontational images on cigarette packs to discourage smokers from lighting one. That has helped, because the number of smokers has been falling for several years in a row. Unfortunately, that decline has stagnated recently.

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This way you can really quit smoking

According to scientists, there is a way to reduce smoking even further:they want to print on each cigarette a text such as 'Smoking kills' or 'Smoking causes lung cancer'.

Message on every cigarette

Researchers at the James Cook University of Queensland in Australia asked 2,000 smokers and non-smokers about the effect of a warning message on packs or each cigarette individually. The message on each cigarette turned out to have a major shock effect.

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Texts about health and price in particular appeared to have the most effect. For example, the message that smoking costs 7,000 euros per year worked very well, as did the number of minutes that you live shorter by smoking.