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Start a New Habit Today (And Here's How to Keep It Up)

Start a New Habit Today (And Here s How to Keep It Up)

The funny thing about habits is:you actually do them without thinking. For example, pick up your phone right away in the morning. Or a chocolate after dinner every day. Breaking a habit is not that difficult, but getting into a habit might be even more difficult…

Do you want to tackle your health this year and have you set yourself a goal? It starts with learning new habits. European health platform Atida Pure gives tips.

1. In sight

Do you want to take your vitamins every day? Or drink enough water? Then put your vitamins or bottle of water in plain sight, in a place where you often come. After a while you link an action to a place. It is therefore best to choose a place that you visit often and that suits the action. For example, put your vitamins near the kettle or a large bottle of water on your desk.

2. Build in a fixed moment in your day

Pick a regular time to get into your habit. This is easier if you link it to an existing habit. This way you can piggyback on the existing habit. Do you want to eat more fruit? Then add a piece of fruit to your breakfast in the morning.

3. Make it concrete

A health goal of 'eating healthier' is somewhat vague and therefore more difficult to achieve. It is also difficult to convert into habits. Make your goal concrete and link new habits to it. For example, 'I want to get enough vitamins and minerals' and to achieve that you eat more vegetables in the evening and take vitamins and supplements every day based on personal advice.

4. Write it down

Who writes stays. Make a promise to yourself and write down your health goal and new habit. Sign it to make it official. Moreover, a note is a constant reminder, especially if you hang it in a visible place such as the refrigerator. Atida's habit cards are ideal for this. This way you can keep track of your progress and tick off your achieved goals.

5. Try to keep it up for at least three months

Learning a new habit takes time. Keep it up for at least two to three months and your habit should be fully developed. Forgetting once is not a problem, keep picking up the thread and your habit will wear off on its own. And share your goals with your friends/family/roommates. This way you can support each other and remind each other to take action.

Getting started with your health goals? Discount on personal nutritional supplement program for the first three months

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– This article is a partner contribution of Atida Pure –