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Here's How To Smooth And Nourish Your Hair With Rice Cooking Water.

Here s How To Smooth And Nourish Your Hair With Rice Cooking Water.

Do you usually cook rice at home?

So don't throw away the starchy cooking water!

Wondering what we can do with it?

Well, this water is super effective in smoothing and nourishing the hair.

Don't worry, this grandma's recipe is really easy to use.

To enjoy the benefits of this protective water, simply rinse your hair with . Look, it's quite simple:

Here s How To Smooth And Nourish Your Hair With Rice Cooking Water.

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How to

1. Cook some rice.

2. Drain the rice, collecting the cooking water.

3. Allow the cooking water to cool.

4. Pour this cooking water as the last rinse as a conditioner.

5. Distribute well throughout the hair by running your fingers through it.

6. Let dry without rinsing.


Here s How To Smooth And Nourish Your Hair With Rice Cooking Water.

And There you go ! Thanks to this rice cooking water, you have straightened your hair naturally :-)

Easy, fast and economical, right?

Your hair is protected, smoothed and nourished from root to tip.

In addition, they are very soft and very shiny.

The trick works on fine, frizzy, curly and frizzy hair.

No need for store-bought detangler or spray to make your hair shiny.

With this grandmother's remedy you have a completely natural and completely free homemade treatment.

You can store the rice water in a glass jar in the fridge for about 1 week.

Why does it work?

The health benefits of rice cooking water are numerous. We know in particular its properties to treat diarrhea or gastro.

But for beauty, rice cooking water is little known.

In Asia, rice cooking water is a real gesture of beauty. It's a well-kept secret for the beauty of the face and hair.

However, the nutrients contained in the rice cooking water protect the hair by sheathing it.

As a result, they are detangled and smoothed at the same time.

Starch also nourishes and softens the scalp, also preventing itching.

In great shape, your hair also grows faster, thanks to this rice cooking water.

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