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This is how it is with the antibodies found in your region

This is how it is with the antibodies found in your region

There are significant differences between the regions in our country in the percentages of antibodies against corona that are found in people who donate blood. What about in your region?

A new virus also means many new studies and new conclusions. The largest blood bank in our country tests the blood of donors throughout the country for the presence of antibodies against the corona virus. And guess what? In the south of the Netherlands – more specifically in North Brabant and Limburg – about 10 percent of all donors have already produced antibodies.

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South vs. North

Where in the south about 1 in 10 people already have antibodies in the blood, the north is still significantly behind. In Drenthe, for example, 2 percent of donors have these antibodies. If we look at the Netherlands as a whole, the percentage of people with antibodies in the blood is almost 5.5 percent. All this was tested between 9 and 19 May, among about 7,000 blood donors.

Group immunity

In April, a percentage of 2 to 4 percent was measured in Limburg, so the jump to 10 percent is a hefty one. Still, according to researchers, it can take at least 2 years before the much-discussed herd immunity is achieved. Researchers and physicians therefore continue to emphasize that a vaccine is also 'desperately needed'. Are you not such a hero with needles? We have already written what could be a possible cause for this.

Test group

The blood donors included in the antibody study are all between 18 and 75 years of age. And were free of (corona-related) complaints for at least 2 weeks. Because the blood of healthy donors was specifically examined, the percentages are not completely representative for the total Dutch population. This month, another study also involves young people – under 18 – and older people – over 75.