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Why do you get a headache after crying?

Why do you get a headache after crying?

On the one hand, crying is a relief, but afterwards you can have a headache. What causes a headache after crying?

There are a number of factors that cause you to have a headache after crying:

1. Your breathing is irregular when you cry

While you are crying, take a shorter inhale than usual. Due to your irregular breathing, your body receives less oxygen, which makes your body tired and can cause headaches.

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2. Your heart rate is rising

Your heart rate can reach 200 beats per minute. In addition, your blood pressure rises, which has an effect on the vessels in your brain.

3. Your facial muscles tighten

While you cry, you use a lot of facial muscles, which causes tension headaches. It is sometimes said that this is an important difference between crying spells in adults and children. When children cry, they let themselves go completely. Adults try to hold back somewhat, which causes extra tension on the facial muscles and that is precisely what causes a headache afterwards.

4. Your cavities are getting clogged

After crying you sometimes have a stuffy nose and your cavities can fill up. It can be compared to a bad cold, which can also cause a hefty headache.