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This is why you are so tired

This is why you are so tired

Have you slept well, but are you still having trouble getting out of bed and are you worth nothing without a cup of coffee? Fatigue is not always due to lack of sleep. Or as sleep professor Eus van Someren says:“To sleep well, you need to be able to lie down.”

Even if you get enough hours every night you can feel your exhausted to feel. We have listed various causes. Do you constantly feel tired, maybe there is actually something else going on.

1. Too little exercise

If you haven't been doing anything all day, it can actually make you feel quite sluggish. Regular exercise gives a boost, giving you more energy have what helps against fatigue.

2. Chaos in the house

The dishes aren't done yet, the house is a mess and your desk is full of stuff. Working in the clutter can be tiring, mess doesn't exactly give you energy † Focusing on an untidy workspace is a lot more difficult than on a tidy desk. The solution? A good cleaning and tidying up, so that you can get to work focused afterwards.

3. Too much sugar

Our love for sugar is a major culprit. You initially get a lot of energy of sugar, but beware, this is temporary. When your sugar peak is over, you just collapse and you get even more sugar cravings. Still want to snack? Nuts are a wise choice.

4. Drinking too little

Are you drinking too little? Too little fluid can cause headaches, poor concentration and fatigue. Make sure you get one and a half to two liters of fluid every day. Keep a bottle of water within reach, then you will remember to drink enough more quickly.

5. Too little fuel

Like a car, our body has fuel necessary. Without food you will not get fitter. It is important that you get enough nutrients during the day. Get enough carbohydrates and proteins and have a healthy snack every now and then.

6. Caffeine

You would think that coffee would give you energy and become alert, but too much caffeine is not good either. An overdose of coffee can actually make you tired. Bit of a coffee addict? Then gradually reduce the number of cups of coffee per day, otherwise you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as a headache.

This is why you are so tired

7. Stress

Do you have too much on your mind every day? Is your agenda packed and do you feel that you are running out of time? Then you may be unconsciously suffering from chronic stress. Make sure to take a moment of rest every now and then. For example, meditation can help relax † And also make sure that you have a nice pillow have. Here find the top 10 firm pillows.

8. Iron deficiency

Not getting enough iron can lead to anemia. Anemia means that your body has too few red blood cells to carry oxygen, making you tired. To prevent this, it is wise to eat iron-rich foods. Broccoli, green beans, whole wheat bread and beef are packed with iron.

9. You are not feeling well

Sleep researcher Eus van Someren has said in several interviews:“In order to sleep well, you need to be able to lie down.” And that sounds funny, but is very true. For example, did you know that you can use your mattress have to turn regularly? And that you also have to replace that mattress and your pillows after a few years? A good slatted base or box spring , clean sheets, an open window, no dust under the bed, it all contributes to a perfect night's sleep.

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