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Why You Feel Better After Eating Chicken Soup

Why You Feel Better After Eating Chicken Soup

Do you eat a cup of chicken soup when you're sick and feel a lot better? Some soups have healing properties, so does chicken soup and here's why.

An ancient Greek physician once said, "Let your food be your medicine." You may be less likely to think of food as medicine. Still, there are several foods, including chicken soup, that can make you feel better.

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White blood cells

American College of Chest Physicians conducted research into the effect of chicken soup on the human body. For this study, a richly filled chicken soup with a lot of vegetables was used. The researchers found that chicken soup has a mild anti-inflammatory effect, which causes white blood cells to behave differently. Its anti-inflammatory effect contributes to the treatment of colds and infections in the upper respiratory tract.


If you're not feeling well, you need a lot of protein to regain your strength. Chicken soup contains exactly those nutrients that your body needs to repair itself.

Make chicken soup yourself or from the supermarket

Research has also been done on the difference between a homemade soup and a soup from the supermarket. For a good effect, it is especially important that the soup contains a lot of vegetables and chicken. The soup from the supermarket has slightly less advantages, but it is not much different from a homemade one. A can of soup in the pantry is therefore always a good idea if you unexpectedly get the flu…