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How to recognize depression

How to recognize depression

Everyone has a gloomy day, you feel bad and fun is nowhere to be found. If this feeling lasts longer, you may be experiencing depression. But how do you recognize depression?

Koko Beers, spokesperson at the Brain Foundation, provides the answer to this question.

Recognize depression

Depression can be diagnosed if someone has at least one of the following symptoms for at least two weeks:

  • A depressed, gloomy mood for most of the day, almost every day. This can also be an irritable mood in children, young people or the elderly.
  • Severe loss of interest in nearly all activities for most of the day, nearly every day.

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If someone has both of the above symptoms, then at least three of the following characteristics must also be present in order to speak of depression. Only one of the above symptoms must have four of the following:

  • Lower or greater appetite or marked change in weight;
  • Sleep problems:sleeping more or less;
  • Persistent physical restlessness or slowness;
  • Fatigue and loss of energy;
  • Sense of worthlessness or guilt;
  • Concentration problems or indecision;
  • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide

The symptoms there are varies from person to person. Depression involves psychological suffering and severely hampers daily and professional functioning.

In the video below, Psychologist Merel Hovestad once again explains how to recognize depression in yourself or others.

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