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Tips against sweaty feet

Tips against sweaty feet

Tackle your sweaty feet with these 5 tips.

1. Wear socks
Wearing socks helps against sweaty feet. Choose cotton or wool socks and not synthetic materials. Put on a clean pair halfway through the day.

2. Alternate your shoes
Don't wear the same shoes every day, but give your shoes a day of rest in between so that they can air. Preferably choose leather shoes, these are lighter. You can use a special insole.

3. Wash your feet every day
And dry them very well after washing.

4. Keep your feet as dry as possible
Rub a little talcum powder over your feet or use a special foot deodorant. Also, air your feet as much as possible. At work, for example, take off your shoes under your desk.

5. Take good care of your feet
Take a foot bath with tea, sea salt or vinegar (good against sweaty feet) and then remove all calluses.