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Here's How Coca-Cola Works On Your Body In 60 Minutes.

Here s How Coca-Cola Works On Your Body In 60 Minutes.

We all know Coca-Cola is loaded with sugar.

And that you can even use it to clean your toilet.

On the other hand, we know less what happens in our body when we drink it.

But according to a study by The Renegade Pharmacist , we now have the answer to this question.

This study tells us exactly how a can of Coke acts on our system 1 hour after drinking it.

Here's how Coke works on your body in 60 minutes. We can already tell you that it is not a pretty sight. Take a look:

Here s How Coca-Cola Works On Your Body In 60 Minutes.

1. After 10 minutes

A can of Coke is the equivalent of 7 sugar cubes. So it's as if you had eaten 7 sugar cubes at once. Your sugar level just skyrocketed .

This white sugar is partly responsible for obesity, diabetes or more simply cavities.

Coke also contains phosphoric acid, which gives it that tangy taste. This acid serves to conceal the sugar. That's why you don't feel like you're ingesting so much sugar, and even feel like you're quenching your thirst.

Be aware that this acid promotes the appearance of kidney stones. Thus, drinking 2 glasses of Coke a day doubles the risk of kidney failure .

2. After 20 minutes

Your body has just undergone a first test with a sugar level that has risen in a very short time. This will stimulate the functioning of the pancreas which begins to secrete high-dose insulin.

Insulin is used to assimilate excess sugar by transforming it into fat that the body will store. This is what is responsible for the ugly bulges on our silhouette.

However, the body is unable to handle so much glucose (sugar) at once, and it acts like a poison. The liver does not have the ability to process all of this.

3. After 40 minutes

The body is now fighting to try to absorb the caffeine . A can contains 33 mg which is enormous when you know that you start to feel really undesirable effects from 100 mg.

Your blood pressure is rising . Which is good neither for the heart nor for breathing.

Your pupils dilate, your blood pressure increases, and sugar begins to be released into the blood. Why ? Because the liver saturates completely, leaving the pancreas to struggle as best it can.

4. After 45 minutes

The body begins to produce a large amount of dopamine (pleasure hormone). It's like you just had a shot of heroin.

What's amazing is that sugar acts like a drug and causes the same addictive effects.

Studies have also shown that sugar is more likely to cause dependence than cocaine.

5. After 60 minutes

Phosphoric acid mixes with calcium, magnesium and zinc in your small intestine giving you a new boost .

The situation is aggravated by the high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners contained in Coke.

6. After 60 minutes

The diuretic properties of caffeine come into play and make you want to urinate.

It is now certain that you will have to evacuate the calcium, magnesium and zinc that were intended for your bones. Same punishment for sodium that will end up in the urine.

7. Beyond 60 minutes

As the boost wears off, you will start to hypoglycemic . By urinating, you have evacuated all the water contained in the Coke.

Unfortunately, the drained water also contained valuable nutrients that your body could have used to hydrate you or strengthen your bones and teeth.

Your strength is diminishing, you have the impression of having a big blow of fatigue (conducive to a new dose of Coke).

Moreover, the mind is also weakened. The slack is both mental and physical.


As you have just seen, the famous soft drink is not really good for your health.

Especially if the consumption is regular.

Even if we don't realize it, all of this is happening in our body.

Not to mention the fact that Coca-Cola is the company that causes the most plastic pollution in the world!