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How to calculate your body fat index?

How to calculate your body fat index?

Slim, slim, melt, lose... Ouch, Ouch, Ouch , a real headache!

How many pounds to lose? How many cm less?

There are very simple tools to clearly and objectively define whether a diet is necessary or not...

BMI is one of the means at our disposal (I index of M asse C orporal) and also the IMG (I index of M asse G grinder).

To calculate the last you must absolutely go through the BMI calculation box.

Several criteria are taken into account, age, sex and therefore BMI.

A slightly more complex calculation, but hey, we get by using a calculator.

Deurenberg formula

(1.2 x BMI) + (0.23 x age) - (10.8 x gender) - 5.4 (Thanks loved calculator!)

For example my BMI is 19.5, I am 29 years old, I am a woman (For those who doubted it! )

For women, we choose the code 0 , for men 1.


(1.2 x 19.5) + (0.23 x 29) - (10.8 x 0) - 5.4 =24.37

To find out if our IMG is within the norm, simply transfer the index obtained to these tables...

If you are a woman

- less than 25% =thinness

- 25 to 30% =normal

- more than 30% =excess body fat

And this one if you're male

- less than 15% =thinness

- 15 to 25% =normal

- more than 20% =excess body fat

Now, with the help of these 2 indices, we know if it is really essential to go on a diet or if simply by opting for a rebalancing of food and a sporting activity, we will find a slender and slender line!