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My Exercise to Regain Concentration in 3 min.

My Exercise to Regain Concentration in 3 min.

Need to relax and regain your focus:an exercise borrowed from yoga , called the Tree Pose, will help you do this. And for that 3 min will be enough.

Momentarily ignore the outside world and focus on yourself for a few moments by practicing the tree pose. A real break from your daily life.

My Exercise to Regain Concentration in 3 min.

Starting position

Stand with your feet about five centimeters apart. The legs are stretched but the knees not locked.

Raise the arms on each side, horizontally.

Execution of the Exercise

  1. Take off the right foot by raising the knees forward, until the right thigh is horizontal.

  2. Open the right leg outwards so that the knee points to your right.

  3. Place your right foot on your left thigh.

  4. Bring your arms forward until your hands touch.

  5. Bring the hands to the chest, pressing them palm to palm, fingers facing up.

  6. Raise your hands above your head, keeping your arms straight.

  7. Hold the position.

  8. Return to the starting position by repeating the steps in reverse order.


Like any exercise, this one requires a very high concentration on the execution. Each step must be perfectly mastered before moving on to the next one.

Rhythm and Repetitions

Mastering the steps involves performing the exercise slowly , at least initially.

Try holding the "arms up" position for twenty to thirty slow breaths.

Do not forget to repeat the exercise on the left foot.


If the exercise is well mastered, try it with your eyes closed. First hold the balance with your eyes open then shift your attention to your body gradually forgetting the visual information. Then close your eyes.


This exercise taken from yoga and included in the method psynetic will offer you a moment of relaxation and improve your physical and mental balance as well as your ability to concentrate .

Did you like it? Did you already practice it? Let me know your feedback.