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Do You Know the Benefits of Automatic Writing?

Do You Know the Benefits of Automatic Writing?

Are you ready to write to take care of yourself?

Healing through writing is increasingly popular with therapists.

Automatic writing helps us get to know each other better.

I had already written an article on the benefits of writing to help lose weight.

In fact, writing helps with many other things. When we write, the gesture goes from the head to the hand. And there, let's go for an intrepid ride towards self-exploration , its repressed and its unconscious.

As I write, I put things on my sheet that I might never have dared to say. I feel liberated of all shame, of all morality and I let go. Everything that pops into my head comes out and turns into words. This is also the art of decluttering.

1. Automatic Writing as an Outlet

When I'm upset by something or someone, I really don't want to keep their negative feelings inside of me. I'm like that, I don't like feeling hateful.

So, if I can, I grab the first pencil I have on hand and a sheet of paper and I spit my venom , like it comes to me, like that, hop.

Even if in the end, it doesn't mean anything, it doesn't matter. The important thing here is really to get out what's on your mind and purge its interior. Besides, I never reread immediately what I have written. Once I feel better, I go about my business.

2. Automatic Writing as Personal Development

I don't remember who said "Writing is our mirror". I reflect back my image and I question it". When I have a doubt or I can't make a choice or that I don't know what to think of a lambda event, I do the same. I take my pencil and let it work on its own.

It's sometimes hard by the way because often the thoughts go faster than the pencil but you will see we get used to it, we sort at the beginning, and by force, our mind is conditioned to think more slowly and our hand to write more quickly. It balances well.

Here, on the other hand, I immediately reread all the loose ideas that I was able to put down on my paper. On the one hand, it is fun to discover facets of us that we never imagined, on the other hand, reconnecting allows us to make sense of things, to ask the pros and cons and to us help you make the right choice . It actually tidies up and organizes our head.

3. Automatic Writing as a Source of Creativity

And then sometimes, I try automatic writing for nothing special. Just like that, because I'm in a good mood and well settled in my deckchair at the bottom of Môman's garden, I feel full of positive vibes that I want to share . So I write.

In the train too, it happens to me often. And curiously, what we write in these moments is very pretty. Well, once again, the stories often have neither head nor tail but at the limit why not? There are some who have released books!

Have you ever felt the benefits of writing too? Come and discuss it with me in the comments.

Savings Achieved

Writing costs much less than going to sit on the couch with someone you don't know and who doesn't talk to you;)! A little therapy for less than 1€ and without leaving home :)

Let's say that to start, writing is a good solution to be fully aware of your actions and your life.

The shrink or the graphotherapist will help us if we really can't do it alone. Take time for yourself, you are worth it.