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The Incredible Benefits Of Reading Everyone Should Know.

The Incredible Benefits Of Reading Everyone Should Know.

You are almost a million to have read our article on the 10 surprising benefits of reading.

So since you're interested, we thought we could offer you a nice guide on the subject.

Did you know that reading only 6 min per day can reduce your stress level by 60%?

By the way, reading reduces your stress level 3 times more than taking a walk and 68% more than listening to music!

Reading is also one of the determining factors in our ability to feel empathy towards others.

Without further ado, here are the incredible benefits of reading that everyone should know . Watch:

The Incredible Benefits Of Reading Everyone Should Know.

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The incredible benefits of reading

This guide is dedicated to those who love reading and books :-)

Chapter 1:reading &health

Only 6 min read:

- reduces stress level by 60%,

- slows the heart rate,

- soothes muscle tension and

- calms the mind.

Reading reduces stress more than:

- listening to music (68% more effective).

- drink tea (100% more effective).

- take a walk (300% more effective).

- play video games (700% more efficient).

54% of people who read often say they are in good health compared to 44% of those who rarely read.

Chapter 2:reading &the brain

- Reading enriches your vocabulary.

- Significantly improves memory.

- Develop your analytical skills.

- Reading reduces the risk of developing senile dementia.

- Improves your communication skills.

- Improves your concentration.

63% of people who read often say they are in very good mental health compared to 56% of those who rarely read.

Chapter 3:reading &others

- Reading allows us to develop our empathy:by reading books, we are immersed in stories that lead us to see life differently. This develops our ability to better understand the
feelings of others as well as our ability to bond with others.

- 40% of avid readers are volunteers in a charity organization. They are only 25% among non-readers.

- 82% of avid readers donate to charity, compared to 66% of non-readers.

- 71% of avid readers say they have done a favor for their neighbors in the past month.

Chapter 4:reading &success

- A person who reads often is more likely to become a landlord and less likely to divorce.

- Heavy readers have higher incomes:people who read regularly are more likely to have a stable job throughout the year, but also to have higher incomes than people who never read.

Chapter 5:reading &children

Reading allows children to better understand what are:

- healthy and fulfilling relationships,

- personal values,

- cultural identity,

- the feeling of security,

- their own aesthetic preferences,

- understanding the world around them.

Encouraging your children to read is certainly one of the best ways to encourage their social mobility.

Bibliotherapy improves communication skills in children and reduces their aggressive behavior.

Other benefits of reading for children:

- Creates a better relationship with your child.

- Helps them to overcome the difficulties of life.

- Improves their concentration and discipline.

- Opens the child to new experiences.

- Promotes academic success from early childhood.

- Provides basic language skills.

Reading stories aloud to children promotes brain development.


- “If you meet a man of rare intelligence, you should ask him what books he has read.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

- “Great books help us to understand the world around us but also to feel better understood.” John Green

- “Every time you read a good book, somewhere in the world, a door opens to let in more light.” Vera Nazarian

It's still better when you know all the benefits of reading, isn't it?