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3 facts about your mouth

3 facts about your mouth

Today is World Oral Health Day, so we have listed three facts about your mouth and its care.

Too much fluoride can be bad for your teeth
Fluoride makes your teeth harder and therefore provides protection. However, you only need very little fluoride. Too much fluoride can cause white stripes or spots on the teeth, it is also not good for your body. It is wise to let your children use special children's toothpaste, which contains a lower dose of fluoride.

There is rhythm and structure in brushing your teeth
During a perfect brushing, you brush at least thirty-five times per side, ideally making seven brushing movements in five parts. Music can help you brush into that rhythm as best you can. For example, turn on Psy's Gangnam Style. Read more about custom brushing.

Fewer and fewer people are getting wisdom teeth
In the past, wisdom teeth were needed to grind hard foods. Wisdom teeth these days cause more problems than they are useful. 35 percent of people do not get wisdom teeth and that percentage will continue to increase due to evolution. Researchers think there will be a future generation that will not get wisdom teeth at all.

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