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Control your appetite

Control your appetite

Does the tasty appetite regularly beat your mind? Take a closer look at your habits and keep your appetite under control.

Drink enough water Your body easily confuses hunger and thirst. It helps to drink enough water throughout the day. The temptation to snack is then easier to resist and drinking water has even more benefits.

Start the day with breakfast
Try to have breakfast within an hour of getting up. This will get your metabolism going and that will benefit you for the rest of the day.

Post meal snack
Do you immediately feel like something sweet after lunch? Don't dig into the candy jar, but make a cup of tea with a sweet taste. Mint tea is also a good option. The mint flavor will reduce your craving for sweets.

Multiple small meals
It sounds like a good resolution to stop snacking, but it isn't. It is better to eat several small meals spread throughout the day. In between you get less hungry, because your stomach is well filled.