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Carbohydrates:Every Woman's Scare, But Not You!

Carbohydrates:Every Woman s Scare, But Not You!

In this item I am talking about bread, pasta and rice. The products that many people question. Should you eat them or not? My answer:absolutely!

To make sure your body stays in (top) shape, handle bread, rice and pasta just like you do with your favorite party outfit. The outfit that you wear to parties or during a date or night out. These products are therefore not as obvious as your house suit, or simple but oh so comfortable jeans. Quality comes before quantity!

My advice for anyone who wants to get and stay slim and toned
Do you have a sedentary occupation? Limit the intake of these products to one meal per day. For example, a rich breakfast or lunch with (rye/spelt/whole wheat) bread and/or linseed. Preferably as early as possible in the day so that your body reaps the energy and you burn it.

Do you exercise or are you active that day?
Then it is wise to eat something carbohydrate-rich more than two hours in advance, such as a little bit of whole-wheat pasta, brown rice or bread. Busy active day? Then the same applies; two carbohydrate-rich moments. On days when you don't move much, you eat lighter. For example a salad or soup.

Additional Tips
The ratio on your plate is 1/3. The rest is vegetables, meat, fish, yogurt or cottage cheese. About 75 to 100 grams (small hand) is already on average around 350 to 400 calories. So more than enough.

Do not eat extra energy if you no longer burn it. Don't eat any extra energy at all if you don't burn it the next day.

By exercising and being active every day, it is possible to become rich in carbohydrates . more often eat and enjoy these products without seeing it on the scale.

Eating a lot of calories (greaves as a construction worker) is not a bad thing, provided the plate is filled with healthy products, it is one plate and this energy is consumed as early as possible in the day and/or within an active lifestyle.

View the food list to see which carbohydrates are good for you.

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