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Wi-Fi:A Silent Killer That Is Killing Us Very Slowly...

Wi-Fi:A Silent Killer That Is Killing Us Very Slowly...

Almost everyone has Wi-Fi in their home.

It must be said that it is very practical!

However, Wi-Fi waves pose some health concerns.

Indeed, some studies have shown that they can be harmful to health, especially in children.

The brain and the quality of sleep are particularly concerned. But these are not the only effects of Wi-Fi on the human body.

Now discover all the dangers of overexposure to Wi-Fi in the house:

Wi-Fi:A Silent Killer That Is Killing Us Very Slowly...

Disturbs the development of children

Electromagnetic waves from Wi-Fi can disrupt cell development, especially that of fetuses.

Indeed, this radiation affects tissues that are growing, as is the case in children and babies.

Therefore, the latter are more likely to be affected by these harmful effects than adults.

They are therefore more likely to experience developmental problems during their growth.

Contributes to the development of insomnia

Wi-Fi waves can also have an impact on sleep.

If you have the feeling that you have trouble sleeping, that your sleep is irregular, then you may be a victim of the waves of the telephone and Wi-Fi.

Indeed, people exposed to electromagnetic radiation have more difficulty falling asleep.

And we all know that sleep deprivation can harm your health.

Obviously, this is even more true for children who can also be disturbed by these waves when they sleep.

Disrupts brain function

Wi-Fi also affects concentration and disrupts brain function.

As a result, brain activity may decrease and you may experience concentration problems or experience memory loss.

Weakens sperm quality

Wi-Fi waves are also a disruptor that affects male fertility.

This is because Wi-Fi reduces sperm motility and causes DNA fragmentation.

In addition, it may affect fertility or increase the risk of an abnormal pregnancy.

Increases cardiac stress

Some people can also react physically to the electromagnetic frequencies of Wi-Fi waves.

One of the symptoms that these people may experience is an increased heart rate.

Therefore, over-exposure to Wi-Fi waves can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

12 tips to protect yourself from the waves

Today, it is difficult to live without an Internet connection or without a smartphone. So, how to protect yourself from the waves?

Fortunately, there are several tips to avoid putting yourself in danger for nothing. Here they are:

1. Avoid installing your Internet box in your bedroom or kitchen or even worse on your bedside table. It is best to place the box in a place of passage in the house.

2. Avoid keeping your phone in your pocket or near your genitals as much as possible. If you're working, put it on the desk instead.

3. Use hands-free kits on your cell phone or landline phone when calling from home to eliminate electromagnetic radiation.

4. If you are pregnant, avoid keeping your phone close to your belly.

5. If you are pregnant, avoid placing a laptop on your stomach.

6. In general, avoid working with your computer resting on your legs and near your genitals.

7. Make sure you have your phone as far away from your body as possible or on the car seat next to you when driving.

8. Text instead of phoning for hours with the phone to your ear.

9. Avoid making phone calls in the car, as the metal structure reinforces electromagnetic waves.

10. If you ride a scooter or motorcycle, never put your phone in your helmet because the waves are stuck inside the helmet.

11. Limit the use of wireless baby monitors as much as possible, as they operate on high frequencies (also called microwave frequencies).

12. Try unplugging all peripherals before going to sleep. To make it easier, use a power strip.