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I Have a Healthy Glow Thanks to Lemon Juice.

I Have a Healthy Glow Thanks to Lemon Juice.

Do you have an unearthed mine?

To put an end to unsightly mornings and look good when you get out of bed, I know a very simple trick.

Well, of course, I haven't slept much for a few days. I don't always eat healthy and I forget to exercise every week.

Sports ? Yes it's sure. Eat healthy ? Surely too. But before resuming a reasonable rhythm, I found it even simpler.

A lemon in the morning and I feel good

I Have a Healthy Glow Thanks to Lemon Juice.

For great ills, great remedies:lemon ! He does good around him. It disinfects a bit of everything and, at the same time, it restores order inside my body.

Indeed, lemon purifies the liver . And when we improve the state of our liver, it also affects our appearance. If you have a "woozy" liver, no doubt your face will illustrate it very clearly.

Long story short, lemon makes me look good!

And in practice, what do I do with my lemon?

I Have a Healthy Glow Thanks to Lemon Juice.

Every morning, we squeeze a whole lemon and collect the juice. Then add warm water . Yes, lukewarm water. It's not very good, I grant you, but you know the saying:"you have to suffer to be..."

I swallow this mixture every morning for 3 weeks and here I am again Snow White with a fresh complexion!

We can already admire the first effects after one week . It's magic, and the lemon is so healthy and low in calories that I can overdo it without worry.

Your turn...

Have you tried this grandmother's remedy to look good? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to read you!