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Do you suffer from all that working from home? You can do this!

Do you also work at home a lot and do you suffer from back problems because you sit too much behind your PC in a position that is not quite optimal? I looked for you what you can do about this. I myself also suffer from my back if I spend too much time behind my PC and I would like to get rid of that by improving my posture at work. Below you will find the tips and tricks for an optimal ergonomic working posture.

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Back pain while working from home? Pay attention to an ergonomic working position!

A few years ago I had a hernia and I can tell you, it's no fun! The correct ergonomic working position is of great importance in order not to suffer from your back and to exclude a hernia. But your attitude to work is not the only thing that matters. I'll take you into the world of working from home (after all, I've been doing it for more than 10 years) and what you can do to minimize back pain.

Ergonomical-working posture, that's how it is!

As mentioned, everything starts with a good ergonomic working posture. If possible, do not sit at the dining table and work because then your working posture will undoubtedly be wrong. A dining table is usually not made to also serve as a desk. For example, the table top is often too thick so that you cannot slide your legs under it properly. In addition, I have often noticed that a dining table is just a bit too high. It is therefore best to choose an adjustable desk.

One that can make you well aware of your body. And preferably even a desk where you can stand. You see them more and more these days. The desks that you can sit behind, but that you can also raise to a standing desk. Ideal, because changing your posture is one of the best things when it comes to ergonomic working.

Work attitude office

The correct working posture behind your desk is that certain parts of your body end up at 90°. For example, your lower legs should make an angle of about 90° (slightly slanting forward is also allowed) and your elbows should also be at an angle of 90°. And the distance to your screen should be about 50-70 centimeters as you see above.

My working position is actually quite ergonomic in that regard. I only have one thing that is less okay and that is my desk chair. I didn't just go for the office chair with the right working posture, but also a bit for the looks. And now I have a chair without wheels. It's actually more of a conference chair, not convenient I can tell you. And actually it is just a bit too high and too deep for me. I solved the latter with a cushion in my back and the former I can solve with a footrest of course. But as long as I don't do that, I don't have the optimal ergonomic working position. You do?

Get enough exercise

Do you have a sedentary occupation? Then you don't just sit behind your PC a lot when working from home, but also when you're at the office, I think. However, there is one difference. In the office you usually get out of your chair a little more often. For example, someone asks for your help for which you have to go to him or her. You get coffee and chat with your colleague at the machine. You have to go to the toilet in between, but for that you have to go down one floor and take the stairs. All moments when you are away from your PC a little longer and move a little more than when you work at home.

Because if you work from home and someone needs your help, they will call you. You pick up the phone behind your PC and remain seated during the conversation. You might also get a cup of coffee, but after that you're right back at your desk. In your perhaps not quite optimal ergonomic working position. And if you go to the toilet you only have to walk 5 meters.

Advice? Go for a walk more often. Not only is that great for your back (sitting is one of the worst postures for your back), but it's also great for your head! Take a walk. Take a breath of fresh air and clear your head. When you are back at home, you can resume your work full of energy.

I do the latter well. After all, Ca$h has to get out and I'm the right person! By the way, did you know that with a hernia it is also important that you keep moving 'just'? Even if it hurts, exercise ensures that you can recover slowly. If you only stay in bed because of the back pain, it will not benefit your recovery.


Another very important thing is sports. And not only because of exercise, which is of course already healthy, but also to strengthen the muscles around your back. And even if you can't go to the gym at the moment, you can always do the necessary exercises at home to strengthen your muscles and thus make an ergonomic working position easier. Because the stronger your muscles are (back and abdomen), the less quickly your spine is loaded.

Stretch, stretch and get massaged

The latter in particular sounds like music to my ears 😉 , but stretching and stretching in between also ensures that you get into a different position for a while and that your back can 'reset' again.